Complete Corporate Accomodation Management

Roomfactory empowers your organization with a new class of technology, tools, and resources to help you run an effective accomodation management.
Real Travel Savings
Every step of our solution maximizes savings for your company. We’ve built special relationships with vendors to offer discounts up to 30% lower than what’s publicly available, designed a policy platform that dynamically captures the best booking options, and more.
More Choices

We offer one of the largest business travel inventories available. See how we’ve combined direct, corporate, and consumer site options to give your travelers a wide array of pleasing choices at the best prices.

We’ve combined the best corporate options and your favorite reliable consumer sites to provide you with the widest selection of travel dates, times, providers, and rates possible.

Data drives everything we do

It helps us personalize and perfect every interaction with you and your travelers. With it, we can build dynamic, custom policies based on real-time market prices, deliver personalized search results to each employee, and provide tailored support experiences.

In today’s data-driven world, we’re harnessing technology that helps travelers book the most cost-effective prices with personalized and up-to-the-minute results. Our cutting-edge platform dynamically and automatically adjusts policies to real-time market prices, helping your company minimize overspending.

24/7 Proactive Support

We’re here to help. 24/7. 365. Rely on world-class, proactive support from our team of travel experts available anytime you need via our chat or phone services.

When you choose Roomfactory, consider our team your team. Our success team is standing by to partner with you at every step of your program, from simplifying implementation, to optimizing your company policy and maximizing savings, to integrating with your existing HR and expensing tools—any time, every day.